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Important Notice!


We Need Your

Car Lettered Photos


Due to a computer glitch in 2008 I lost many photos of the cars which I had lettered.  If you send my web master your photos from 2008 of your race car, along with your name, he will gladly place them on the gallery page. 


Those with photos from 2008 through 2015 you can also send your photos to the web master and he will be more then happy to add your race cars to those gallery pages.


You can email Blake at  All photos should be at least 600x480 in size, and in .jpg, .jpeg, bitmap, or .gif format.











 Where to start, well I guess at the beginning is the best place. I have always had the ability to draw, even before I was near my teenage years, it was just something that came natural to me, kind of like I guess being a racecar driver and winning a lot of races comes easier to some people then it does others. Later when I was in my teens, and I was growing up in Allentown, Pa. some of the local businesses asked me to letter their store windows or draw up a logo for their business, and of course it was cool to be making some money while doing something I enjoyed. In my younger days my best friends Dad was a Pit Steward at the Reading Fairgrounds on Friday nights. I remember going to Reading and watching some of the greats like Toby Tobias, Frankie Schneider, Rags Carter, and many others while also at the same time taking note to some of the cool looking paint jobs that some of the cars were sporting. You know looking back it's funny, if somebody would have told me later in my life that I would be lettering, and putting graphics on racecars I would have thought they were crazy.

I can remember it well, the first racecar I ever lettered was for Joey "sinkie" Sienkiewicz cousin, at 16. He ran the #19 at Dorney Park, yes for all of you that are not old enough to remember, Dorney Park used to have a Race Track, and though it wasn't big, if you could win at that track it was like being able to win at Grandview in today's world, it was one tough place. Anyhow, after I graduated from Whitehall High School I landed a job as a butcher, which if you look at it the right way is sort of like still being an artist, because butchers do take a lot of pride in their work.


By the time I was in my mid 20's I had decided it was time to get married, and then we moved up to the country. Once again I started hand lettering trucks and signs as a way of making money for my family, and of course it was fun, and in many ways I was my own Boss. In 1987 I decided to officially start my business, and I named it of course, "Frank's Signs". To help with the local football program I did some football field 4' by 8' signs to raise team money, which worked out well and for both the School, and my Business. I then really started to pursue truck lettering and airbrush work and I was doing pretty well but I knew as the years rolled by from watching and being involved within the Industry that times they were a changing, and fast. Finally I gave in and learned how to use CAD and the vinyl lettering end in 2000 and since then the main stay of my business has been doing mostly truck lettering/graphics, and less sign work. Hence the more appropriate business name which everyone who knows me today as "Frank's Truck lettering.


 In 2006 a friend of mine, "Big Daddy Renninger" introduced me the the late Fran Purcell of Pottsville. After meeting Fran I wound up lettering and doing the graphic work on both of his modifieds which were to be driven by Ryan Watt. From there Fran "Pop" introduced me to other modified, sportsman, and roadrunner drivers, and car owners. He was a friend I will never forget, and I will miss him forever, but I will never forget the doors that he help me open.


Since that point I have been blessed with having the fortune of being called upon to do many racecar lettering and graphic jobs. I have lettered Modifieds, Sportsman Modifieds, Road Runners, Pro-Stocks, Sprint Cars, 600cc Modifieds, Slingshots, and many others. I enjoy doing all of the different cars, and it's now my favorite part because these teams are very loyal and have a competitive nature, but all of them always treat me like family, which is the biggest reward anyone could ever have. In 2006 I did 18 racecars, In 2007 it was up to 32 cars, and from 2008 through 2011 I've been doing 50 cars per season which still amazes me. There are many drivers I'd like to thank, and at this point it's just too many to mention. I want to Thank all of my long time regular customers, who have been a part of my life, and business for the past 25 years, and I hope you will all continue to use my services in the years to come.

As the website evolves I will from time to time make special mention about these great people. Right now though, I'm probably working away on my next project, and getting ready to meet many more new faces along the way.


Thank you for visiting my website,