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Welcome to Frank's, 2017 marks my 30th Year in Business, and If you have never been to my site, then I must first say have a long look around, that's right, take your time and enjoy looking at the creations that I have made for my long list of clients over the past few years. Whether you need to have your Big Rig lettered, a smaller truck, a racecar, or a business sign made up, I can do it for you. Those are just some of the things that I letter and put graphics on, so like I said please have a long look around, and use my menu on the left side to navigate your way through my site, because your sure to catch something that you like, and I'm positive you will find things that will make you laugh. In life I have found out it's all about having fun, I'm doing what I love, and I've surrounded myself with a large bunch of friends who keep me going day after day.


I would like to touch on the fact that I know the economy is tight right now, and has been for some time. Please keep in mind when you hire me for a job that I have to purchase the materials needed, plus my time that I spend designing your job which can consist of many hours of behind the scenes doing setup work. I have to keep my machines running, pay the utilities on time, and even pay myself some money, so basically I'm like the majority of the people in the world, in order to keep having my business I need to be paid on time.


Please make your 2018 lettering date with me now, if you haven't already. My calendar is filling up fast, don't wait until a week before a mall show to call me in a panic and expect that I can letter your whole car.  


In 2017 Owners, Drivers, or Pit Crew members must submit no more than 4 photos of your car to either myself: or to my website designer/webmaster at: and we will be happy to put your photos up on my site.  Please note, the photo's should be at least 600 x 480 in size, and sent in an email in one of the following formats, .jpg, .jpeg, .bitmap, .gif, .eps, .psd, .png.


In closing, please come back and visit my site often, we are always doing different things on this site, so stay tuned, and mark us as a favorite.  Thanks for stopping by, and I'll see most of you at the track, at your business, race shop, mall shows, trade shows, heck anywhere.


Thank you,



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