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Important Notice!


We Need Your

Car Lettered Photos


Due to a computer glitch in 2008 I lost many photos of the cars which I had lettered.  If you send my web master your photos from 2008 of your race car, along with your name, he will gladly place them on the gallery page. 


Those with photos from 2008 through 2015 you can also send your photos to the web master and he will be more then happy to add your race cars to those gallery pages.


You can email Blake at  All photos should be at least 600x480 in size, and in .jpg, .jpeg, bitmap, or .gif format.







Team Owner: Frank Niedospial



Crew Chief: Sandy, Wife, Ball-Buster



Assistant Crew Chief: Ashlee, Daughter, Inspiration



Vinyl Installer: Jamie (Frank's Nephew)



Mascot: Cruise, Our Adopted Dog



Crew GodFather: Daryl A.K.A. BIG-D



Engine Builder: Signlab / Cadlink



Chassis: My Chiropractor



Team Colors: Purple, Blue & Some Hots



#1 Fan: Dan Rockman



Oldest Friend: Hermie Rockman 100+ Years Young!



Part-Time Helper: Susie-Q



Water Boy: T.J.



Crew Promoter: Blake Tobias



Vinyl Master: Frank A.K.A. "The Laborer"